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Bank Robbery Driver Getaway

4.0 ( 880 ratings )
게임 액션 레이싱
개발자: Marian Smolka
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Hallo drivers! Do you like cool car traffic games? Getaway Car is awesome road racing game full of fast vehicles for the whole family.

-Robbery car driving in traffic.
-Arcade getaway car for boys and girls.
-Chalenge friends with world leaderbords.

-Tap nitro button to accelerate the speed to avoid police cars and other vehicles.
-Keep your thief car engine speed as high as possible.
-Collect money as much as you can in this Getaway Car.
-Fun driving simulator presents cool graphics, amazing effects and super handling.

Bank Robbery Driver game works perfectly on tablets and mobile phones. So put on your seat belt and strap and enjoy this crazy Getaway Car without car crash!